Thursday, 17 October 2013

Hodgson Racism Accusation Backfires on Tabloid Press

The entire UK media were accused by themselves today of exacerbating racism and may be forced to resign from their positions leaving the country without a media network. The claims come after several tabloid newspapers accused England manager Roy Hodgson of racism for using a famous joke to illustrate how he wanted his team to play at half time.
“We’re idiots” one newspaper journalist admitted this afternoon, “and it’s indicative of our inherent racism that we misunderstood the story in this way.”
It is believed that by accusing the England manager of racism in this manner and by other news corporations then intensifying interest through reporting it the UK’s media may have fallen foul of UK law which prohibits the incitement of racial or religious hatred.
Any newspaper, magazine or website which further covers or discusses this story in any way may be shut down and any people who add further fuel to the fire by reading about the story may also be shut down via government officials tracking their IP addresses…

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